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Curriculum Vitae

Film Director 

My most recent documentary, Pour deux centimes de plus ... (For two centimes more ... ) tells the story of La Coop des Masques, a cooperative factory set up in record time next to the western French city of Guingamp, to combat the deadly shortage of surgical masks at the outset of the pandemic. It's a human tale that asks questions about the possibility of re-localising production, what companies could or should be about and how we want to live in the 'post-COVID' world. It was first broadcast in November 2021. 


Wait&Sea, in Brexit's Troubled Waters, co-directed with Antoine Tracou, was first broadcast on France 3 Bretagne in 2019 and was selected for the Dinard Festival of British Films in the same year. The film is about Brexit, fishing and why I became French.


In 2016, I directed Grande Bretagne, le royaume désuni (Great Britain, the disunited kingdom) for the Franco-German TV station ARTE. The film is also about Brexit and was shot during the fractious referendum campaign that led to the UK vote to leave the EU.


My documentary 24 heures à l'Anglaise (24 Hours English style) was broadcast in 2012. The film explores the UK class system through the stories of two families - one wealthy and upwardly mobile, the other proudly working class - who travel to the same campsite in the French city of Le Mans every year to follow the mythical 24 Heures motor race. 


I'm currently developing the feature film Ghost Song, with Sixteen Films, the production company created by acclaimed UK director Ken Loach. The film received a development grant from the Brittany regional government in 2017. 

Video Journalist

AFP, BBC and others.

I made television reports for the BBC, AFP and other TV channels.

Agence France Presse (AFP)


I wrote articles for the English language service of international news agency AFP. 


European Voice

1996 -2007 Journalist

Staff then freelance journalist for European Voice, Brussels, a weekly newspaper owned by The Economist and specialising in European politics. 

European Commission Audiovisual Service


Intern then film director for the European Commissions audiovisual service in Brussels

BBC Radio, local stations


Freelance journalist for several BBC local radio stations in the UK. 

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